Harrogate Spring Flower Show Update | Stained Glass Garden Art

Stained glass garden art – a touch of York | Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2015

One of the stunning design elements of the Skyline Yorkshire Roof Garden has been brought to life this week.  With designs inspired by stained glass windows in York Minster, we have been working with Peter Wiltshire, a Norfolk-based stained glass designer and artist to create some spectacular garden art to intermingle with our Roof Garden’s own floral beauty.  For the Show Garden, Peter has created:

The Five Sisters panel recreates the five slender lancets of the York Minster’s window.  With the clear granite iridescent glass contrasting the lead outline and black opaque glass surround, the panel will change appearance in different light conditions from shade to full sunshine.

Two Yorkshire Rose panels are based on the roses in the Great Rose Window in the South Transept of the Minster.  The Spikes panel follows a design inspired by an element within this same window.  Recreated in red, orange and yellow water glass with a clear background, the panel looks stunning in any light, even glowing in cloudy conditions and projects colour to the North in very strong sunlight.

stages of stained glass artPeter uses a very traditional method of construction using lead, solder and glass similar to that used in church windows.  All that differs is that he uses coloured glass rather than the historically traditional method of painting clear glass.

This stage-by-stage method starts with the cutting of the glass and the assembly of the design itself.  Then the elements are soldered and sealed with a glazing compound before coating with a white powder to accelerate drying.  Once finished, it is cleaned and the frame and legs are added.

The panels will be “planted” in the Skyline Yorkshire Roof Garden which will begin to come to life in the next weeks as the Show preparations continue.

 The Show takes place on 23-26 April at the Great Yorkshire Showground.

April 2015