SHOWTIME! | Skyline at Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2015

Heralding the Show’s opening | Show Day 1 at Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2015

The sun is shining (almost), we’ve an interview with BBC Radio York under our belts and we’re poised for a fantastic first day in our Skyline Yorkshire Roof Garden here at Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

Yesterday, we enjoyed visits from the local and national media and were more than happy to meet Carol Kirkwood from BBC Weather, letting her kick back and relax in our bespoke seating, nestled amongst the flora in the garden.

This morning, we were joined by our architect and sponsor, Helen Plowman and the BBC Radio York team, as they explored the themes and purpose behind the show garden, talking to Helen and Justin about how the garden was created and where it will be transformed eventually after Helen’s own home project is complete.

For the full interview, listen here.

23 April 2015