Sensory Garden Cherwell: Complete!

Masterplan-with-LabelsSensory Garden Cherwell Complete
The Cherwell Wellbeing Hub now has a sensory garden… and so much more! The new landscape zones and gardens were officially opened on Friday 20 June in Heywood, Lancashire.  The day care visitors can now enjoy growing, cooking, socialising and wildlife in their fantastic sensory landscapes, designed by Fira Landscape.

The garden zones incorporate sensory, wildlife, learning and farm areas as well as accommodating natural play, a potting area and a dining area.

Justin Paxman attended the Official Opening and had a great opportunity to see his team’s hard work being enjoyed by visitors, their families and the local community.  The garden has been constructed over the last 3 months by the team.  It maximises the potential enjoyment and enrichment for visitors in terms of outdoor living and nature.

Want to see how it came to life?  Here’s our video journey.

June 2016

Sensory Garden | Cherwell Wellbeing Hub, Oldham

Masterplan-with-LabelsCherwell Wellbeing Hub in Heywood, Lancashire, is a day care centre with a difference. And this makes Paxman Landscapes the perfect choice to bring the garden concept to life. The company have created sensory landscapes and dementia-friendly gardens for other clients and are fully versed in the importance of creating a garden community with purpose and interest and with sensory stimuli at its heart.possabilities logo

The client, PossAbilities, is social enterprise co-owned by staff and the users of its services.  They provide day services for those who need it, supporting families, carers and people in the community.

The sensory landscapes have been designed by Fira Landscape and form the absolute central focal point of the new day care facility development near Oldham.  The landscape has been designed in separate zones. Each has its own purpose and identity. Together the zones form a fantastic sensory area for the delight and enjoyment of the residents. The zones interlink with a central space which can be used as an external classroom, performance area or just to gather and meet.

The garden zones incorporate sensory, wildlife, learning and farm areas as well as accommodating natural play, a potting area and a dining area.

The landscaping began in earnest in April 2016 and has developed over four stages, culminating in its completion and grand opening at the end of June 2016.  The scheme developed from its primary stage of site clearance, to its secondary stage of grass seeding, the creation of pathways and natural surfaces for the growing zones in the Spring. Paving, edging and decking elements were added in May and the planting stage continued into the late Spring. Planting includes shrubs, perennials and hedging, as well as aquatics for the pond and large trees and multi-stemmed trees for all year round sensory interest in flower, leaf, form and texture.

Add in habitat creation for birds, hedgehogs and insects. Then finish with tables, seating, a log cabin and greenhouse. Sprinkle generously with extra storage, planters, containers for water harvesting and composting and… sensory garden recipe complete!

You’ll shortly be able to follow the story’s development in our Sensory Garden Journey video when the gardens are complete and unveiled later this month. In the meantime, here’s a few shots along the way.


The End Game | One customer’s journey: Landscaping Lepton

A garden on another level | Private Garden Landscaping


Lepton Huddersfield BeforeThe transformation’s complete: from barren wasteland to stunning multi-level walled garden landscape, complete with water feature, patio and newly turfed vista for the family to enjoy this Spring and Summer.

Most of the materials for this ambitious project were sourced from our local quarry Johnsons Wellfield from Crosland Moor.  This, combined with Marshall’s silver birch copings,  created a striking partition for the garden, giving structure and continuing the use of traditional materials from the region.

A months work, multiple levels, paving, walls, beds, water, seating and planting.  And when the plants come into their own this Spring, it truly will become a garden on another level (well, several actually!)

May 2016

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Sky Garden Milliners Wharf Manchester

The sky’s never the limit with Paxman Landscapes

sky garden milliners wharfIt’s here – our latest completed project at Milliners Wharf, Manchester.  Completed for GMI Construction this impressive roof space adorns the top of residential apartments in the centre of Manchester.  The garden boasts paving, resin-bound gravel, turfed mounds and a stunning decking area for residents to enjoy their elevated open space.

The scheme was completed in April 2016 and is another fantastic project to add to the Paxman Landscapes portfolio across the North and North West.


Harrogate Flower Show Video | My Family Show Garden 2016 GOLD AWARD

Whilst memories of the show garden are still fresh in our minds following our fantastic success at Harrogate this spring, we wanted to be able to capture every aspect, corner and intricate feature – so we did!

Sit back and enjoy one-and-a-half minutes of My Family glory, courtesy of Paxman Landscapes and the Association of Professional Landscapers – two of our favourite “families”!

Our Inspiration | My Family | Harrogate Flower Show 2016

Today we welcomed our VIPs to our Gold award-winning My Family-themed Show Garden at Harrogate.  VIPs of the topmost variety – the inspiration and bedrock of Paxman Landscapes – the Paxman family.

“My family.  The centrepoint of any successful business and the most important partnership and team there is. THANK YOU”– Justin Paxman, Director, Paxman Landscapes

None of our Paxman garden creations could ever be brought to such a pinnacle of beauty without the Paxman family – both in the office and behind the scenes at home.  So, it was a fitting tribute to the company’s show success and that of the Association of Professional Landscapers that our nearest and dearest joined us here at Harrogate today to celebrate with us.

“The APL family.  The cornerstone of British landscaping – where everyone involved in landscaping can share, collaborate, learn and grow together” – Phil Tremayne,  National Business Manager,  APL

That, quite simply, is what this year’s My Family Garden is all about.

23 April 2016

My Family | Gold Award | Harrogate Flower Show 2016


Guess what? We struck Gold again! Great teamwork, planning, design, materials, collaboration, blood, sweat and tears (of joy!) from Association of Professional Landscapers, Cozy Bay Outdoor Furniture, JA Jones Nurseries, Jacksons Fencing and Kadai Firebowls.

Massive thanks also to Harrogate Flower Show for one more fantastic event for the UK horticulture and landscaping industries.

Three shows, three gardens – THREE GOLDS!

21 April 2016

Paxman Landscapes Show Garden: My Family | Ready for judging | Harrogate 2016


My Family Weekend Build | Harrogate Spring Flower Show

spring-banner2016_1065_396_c1My Family weekend buildThought we’d downed tools for the weekend? Don’t be daft! Still hard at it, but we’re on the home straight now, thanks to contributions over the weekend from Association of Professional Landscapers, JA Jones and Sons and Garden House Design.

Only sneak previews to come now so you’ll HAVE to come to the Harrogate Flower Show to see the finished show garden in all its glory!

18 April 2016



My Family | Build Day 4 | Harrogate Spring Flower Show

WeatherForecastThat’s it.  We’re paved, pointed and prepped and now we’re poised for plants and garden dressing.  It’s been a soggy slog so far – has anyone checked the weather forecast for next week? It’s going to be DRY! #MyFamily



One more week and I’m going to look GORGEOUS!

15 April 2016

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