First steps | One customer’s journey: Lepton, Huddersfield

Lepton Huddersfield BeforeAt the end of last year, we introduced you to a Huddersfield domestic landscaping scheme in Lepton.  We continue our customer’s journey this month as they take the first steps to their newly landscaped garden.

Justin Paxman met with the homeowners back in May 2015.  The couple and their small family were looking to develop a piece of land in the middle of their garden.  The proposed area had a mound for us to contend with and the access was not the easiest (as is common with private gardens).  They had some smaller projects around the garden area but the couple outlined their hopes for an area of water and a patio to maximise their view of the outlying garden areas.

Justin talked them through their options, the timescale and the potential budget for their plans.  He then briefed the Paxman team who set to designing and planning how the garden would take shape.  The scaled drawings took in the slope and gradients and paid careful consideration to the client’s brief, the ultimate aim of the new garden and the use of the best quality materials for the hard landscaped elements.

Lepton Huddersfield Drawing1

Scaled drawing to illustrate plans

Lepton Huddersfield Drawing2

Slopes, gradients and materials planning


>>Next Phase: The Big Dig