Courtyards, planting and a beautiful landscape | Redwood Glades Care Home Hull

Redwood Glades Care Home HullOne of a series of Extra Care residential care homes constructed across Hull and managed by the social housing specialists Riverside, the Redwood Glades Care Home Hull comprises 156 flats… and an expertly completed landscape.  The design of the landscape, perfect to allow easy access and navigation around the site and to create beautiful landscaped vistas for the residents to enjoy all year round, was constructed and completed by the Paxman team this Spring.

Courtyard planting included shrubs, ornamental trees and wildflower pockets, flanked by sculpted turf.  Pathways lead the visitor around the gardens and enable an easily navigable route around the site for the less able and mobile of its residents.

Started in November 2016, Paxman created two courtyards and surrounding ornamental beds around the gardens, access and parkways.  The care home is one of three new homes across the region, in partnership with Hull City Council and Wates Living Space (part of Wates Construction).

Ground Preparation and Low Level Planting

In its full glory