Our Inspiration | My Family | Harrogate Flower Show 2016

Today we welcomed our VIPs to our Gold award-winning My Family-themed Show Garden at Harrogate.  VIPs of the topmost variety – the inspiration and bedrock of Paxman Landscapes – the Paxman family.

“My family.  The centrepoint of any successful business and the most important partnership and team there is. THANK YOU”– Justin Paxman, Director, Paxman Landscapes

None of our Paxman garden creations could ever be brought to such a pinnacle of beauty without the Paxman family – both in the office and behind the scenes at home.  So, it was a fitting tribute to the company’s show success and that of the Association of Professional Landscapers that our nearest and dearest joined us here at Harrogate today to celebrate with us.

“The APL family.  The cornerstone of British landscaping – where everyone involved in landscaping can share, collaborate, learn and grow together” – Phil Tremayne,  National Business Manager,  APL

That, quite simply, is what this year’s My Family Garden is all about.

23 April 2016