CONTRACT WIN: Land Rover Colchester

Land Rover Landscaping Colchester: Superior Planting on its way

Land Rover Landscaping ColchesterLookers Land Rover in Colchester will be moving to a larger site, purpose-built and with the benefit of first class landscaping from Paxman Landscapes in 2017.

landrover logoThe 10,500 square metre site off Axial Way in Colchester will have the final landscaping underway this Autumn.  The forecourt and surrounding areas and perimeters will have trees, shrubs and climbers as part of their planting.  Geo-textile layers will be laid and wildflower seeding, hedging and an ornamental blend of shrubs will be planted by the Paxman soft landscaping team, starting in September 2017.

The landscape scheme has been designed by Andrew Hastings Landscape Consultants, a member of the Landscape Institute.


August 2017