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More than a wall | Private Garden Landscaping

Lepton Huddersfield Before | Private Garden LandscapingFollowing The Big Dig phase of a private garden landscaping project in Lepton, Yorkshire, the Paxman Team then set to work creating the walled areas across multiple levels.  We tracked their progress throughout the project.

Most of the materials were sourced from our local quarry Johnsons Wellfield from Crosland Moor.  This, in combination with Marshall’s silver birch copings,  created a striking partition for the garden, giving structure and continuing the use of traditional materials from the region.  The team had already carried out a number of smaller projects across the garden but the creation of a patio and water feature for the small family to enjoy was the focus of this winter project.

The garden’s slope, which was previously overgrown, now had levels, depth and character.  Access wasn’t great, but this, as ever, was overcome.  Add in the particularly hazardous surface when it rained due to the clay soil, and we had ourselves a proper landscaping challenge.  Nothing our crew couldn’t handle – and all this in just over a fortnight.

March 2016

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