Sensory Garden Cherwell: Complete!

Masterplan-with-LabelsSensory Garden Cherwell Complete
The Cherwell Wellbeing Hub now has a sensory garden… and so much more! The new landscape zones and gardens were officially opened on Friday 20 June in Heywood, Lancashire.  The day care visitors can now enjoy growing, cooking, socialising and wildlife in their fantastic sensory landscapes, designed by Fira Landscape.

The garden zones incorporate sensory, wildlife, learning and farm areas as well as accommodating natural play, a potting area and a dining area.

Justin Paxman attended the Official Opening and had a great opportunity to see his team’s hard work being enjoyed by visitors, their families and the local community.  The garden has been constructed over the last 3 months by the team.  It maximises the potential enjoyment and enrichment for visitors in terms of outdoor living and nature.

Want to see how it came to life?  Here’s our video journey.

June 2016