The Twelve Months of Landscaping at Paxman Landscapes

PaxmanA month-by-month lowdown from the Paxman team

In the first month of landscaping, Paxmans prepped for Princess Anne.  Her university visit went exactly as per plan.

In the second month of landscaping, they planted up some more, but this time for Prince Andrew and in Leeds with shrubs galore.

In the third month of landscaping, they took on open space and made a scheme in Middleton a better public place.  Justin shared his knowledge and spoke of his career and it wasn’t long until another month had disappeared.

In the fourth month of landscaping, it was showtime for the team.  Their roof garden at Harrogate was really quite supreme.  They featured on the radio and took the show by storm with a gold award for everyone to praise their skills and form.

In the fifth month of landscaping, they were on the up and up, awarding a balloon flight and sponsoring Panthers in the Cup.

In the sixth month of landscaping, there were lawns, landscapes and decks.  Throw in a pampered patio and the seventh month was next.

In the seventh month of landscaping, the team had more to do.  With a care home, Aldi and Audi schemes to inspire the Paxmans crew.

In the eighth month of landscaping, they had plants upon their mind. A planting scheme in Sheffield was certainly one of a kind.

In the ninth month of landscaping, and another Golden spell, awarded for a show garden and partnering APL.

In the tenth month of landscaping, their newsstream came alive – with articles on their contract plans and Justin at Landscape Live.

In the eleventh month of landscaping, the focus was on snow – clearing, gritting and making plans for clients who need to know.

In the twelfth month of landscaping, you’d think they’d earned a rest but guess what? They’re up for an APL award – they really are the best!

twelve months of landscaping

December 2015