PROJECT NEWS: Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone

Peripheral Planting at top UK racing circuit

The new Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone is a prestigious racing and entertainment venue under construction by BDB Design and Build. Working once again in collaboration with our building contractor, the Paxman soft landscaping team have been on site in 2020 as the project nears completion.

Woodland Planting

The Preparation Hub at the Centre includes valeting, workshop and car storage. The peripheral landscape works includes ground preparation and seeding for planting and grass reinstatement. The boundaries and banked areas have been planted with woodland mass planting, including a beech hedge, with the addition of standard upright hornbeams (Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine) for height and contrast. The team have added individual tree shelters to each young plant to prevent rabbit damage and ensure growth and establishment of the newly wooded areas.

July 2020